Shop Our Featured New Vehicles Today

Have you ever found yourself looking for a new car, but aren't sure where to start? Some drivers come to our dealership here in Hayesville NC with an exact model in mind, but more often than not, we have customers show up who aren't quite sure what to pick. This is where our featured new models page comes in handy. Are you looking for a certain body style or brand? Or do you want your next vehicle to jump out at you? Whatever your preference, Murphy NC customers have it made.

Our featured vehicles page updates regularly to include our top picks for current models that you can find on our lot, and since we're located close to Robbinsville NC and Franklin NC, there's no excuse why our customers can't come down to take advantage of these great offers. These models could include the Grand Cherokee, Ram 1500, Pacifica, or Challenger, and they change often.

Bookmark this page to stay current with the latest additions, then visit from Blue Ridge GA and Blairsville GA to get started towards bringing one home today.

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