The Dodge Charger Has Safety Solutions That Provide Strategic Protection on the Road

While driving a Charger, its safety technologies will enhance wheel performance in risky environments. On rough roads, the All-Speed Traction Control System will provide benefits, and Hill Start Assist will make braking in elevated areas easier.

Some road conditions can complicate the process of steering an average automobile. In order to maneuver a car effectively on rough terrain, its wheels need traction and stability, which are key perks that Dodge's All-Speed Traction Control System provide. It activates when the Charger's brakes are applied on rugged roads to reduce wheel slippage. If needed, the system will also lower engine power so that each tire can generate proper traction. Hill Start Assist works best on elevated streets; it applies proper brake pressure through short bursts to prevent the Charger from rolling down a hill.

Dodge Charger safety tools are easy to use on the road. Most of the systems will activate automatically, and you can check them out during a test drive. If you want to drive a Charger in Hayesville, NC, educational opportunities are offered at Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Hayesville.

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