Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid: The Fuel Efficient Minivan

The Pacifica remains a favorite choice among families who enjoy the space and convenience of minivans. However, the Pacifica Hybrid also makes owning the vehicle more economically appealing. See the latest models in our new Chrysler inventory. Take a Pacifica Hybrid minivan for a test drive with the family.

Owners need not be concerned over when to use electric power or the gas engine. The technology in the new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid makes the transition automatically as the driving conditions warrant. Whether driving around town or making a long distance road trip, the minivan is capable. With the battery fully charged and a full tank of gas, the minivan travels up to 520 miles before needing recharging or refueling.

The minivan offers savings in other ways too. New owners have the chance to take advantage of a federal tax credit. State and local communities might also offer additional monetary incentives.



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